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To use Twitter Buttler, you will need to:
  • Create an application on with read/write permissions and update the relevant data on TwitterButtlerViewModel.cs (this is related to twitter now using OAuth for authentication).
  • Compile the solution with the changes you made;
  • Create a configuration file listing all the Twitter account/machine pairs. This comma-delimited text file (WakeOnLanUsers.cfg) must be located in the same folder as the executable.
  • Have a Twitter account that represents your office. This is the account that will be used by Twitter Buttler to monitor requests from the users.
  • Leave Twitter Buttler running on a machine which is permanently connected to the Internet.

Here is an example of a WakeOnLanUsers.cfg file:
pombeiro, 00-19-99-41-45-04, pt-03-004-10640
mouras, 00-19-99-6A-36-BD, pt-03-004-11320
<Twitter screen name>, <machine MAC address>, <machine network name>

To wake up your machine:
Assuming the Twitter account you're using to monitor requests is called j123, post the following update on Twitter: D j123 wake up
Within less than a minute, you will receive a direct message letting you know the outcome of the command.

To see which machines are turned on:
Post the following update on Twitter: D j123 who's online?
The direct message will list all Twitter user names which have their machine turned on.

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